John Richardson, Alan Williams, Bill Hurd, Tony Thorpe, Mick Clarke & Pete Arnesen

The Rubettes

The Rubettes most successful recording period was the mid 70’s – the “Bickerton/Waddington” years, when the band achieved outstanding international success and sold millions of records worldwide. In 1976 the band thought it was time to move on and made the decision to part company, with their ‘hit’ songwriting team. By their own admission, the change of direction and style did not come easy with so many different personalities from different musical backgrounds within the band. Heavily influenced by The Eagles and American West Coast and Country music, the band attempted to adopt a country rock style. Despite one or two successes it never really worked, in part because the fans were confused and by 1978 with the UK market virtually finished, clashes of personality within the band were making life very difficult. By 1979, three of the original members, Pete, Bill and Tony, had now “moved on” to other ventures and when the band’s biggest market France collapsed, the end was in sight. By 1980 the Rubettes as a band was “only limping along” and the band had finally reached the end of the road !

The Reformed RUBETTES
Alan Williams, Bill Hurd, Mick Clarke* and Alex Bines

In 1982 the band reformed, at first for a fan club reunion show and a few one-off concerts. By 1984 with nostalgia booming in Germany, the band were enjoying considerable success once again on the live concert scene. It is fair to say that this second generation Rubettes period was most significant with the band gaining a bigger and more loyal following and playing to larger audiences than they ever did in their “70’s heyday”

*Mick Clarke was replaced by Steve Kinch 1987-1991 and Trevor Holliday 1991-1993.


In December 1999 the reformed Rubettes line-up of 1982-1999 split. Legal proceedings then followed between Bill Hurd and Alan Williams. Happily the dispute was resolved by mutual agreement and the terms of agreement are set out under a High Court Order dated 30th October 2002. Under the terms of agreement it was agreed there would be two different bands legally performing as the “Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd” and the “Rubettes featuring Alan Williams” respectively. CLICK HERE to view the court order .